the voice squad

When it comes to a voice type or style I don't handle, I turn to my talented friends.

The links go to each talent's website for their demos,
or in some cases, an .mp3 for download.

I'm not an agent. But my client friends do rely on me at times to help them find a voice they know I do not do.

Female Voice Talent
Male Voice Talent

Wendy Zier
Deb Oesterling
Debra Stamp
Pat Crosswhite
Leanne Heintz
Becket Royce
Julia Carpenter (British)
Natalie Stanfield Thomas
Kelley Carruthers Buttrick
Pam Tierney
Aime Breedlove
Yasmin Metivier (Spanish/English)
Liz de Nesnera (English/French)
Karin Reed
Chrystal Bartlett
Tracey Coppedge
Marjorie Strauss
Martha Mellinger

Kevin Silva
Donovan Corneetz
John Sherlock
Don Brookshire
Jim Catlin
Mike Urben
Tom Guild
Chris Mezzolesta
Dan Hurst (Spanish/English)
Bruce Miles
Peter O'Connell
Bob Souer
Doug Turkel
Rich Owen
Dan Friedman
Lee Gordon
Eddie Eagle
Todd Ellis
Peter Bishop (British)
Tom Dheere
Tom Test
Johnny George
Dustin Ebaugh
Dave Courvoisier
Dan Lenard
Jay Shapiro

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