time for uncle paul

For more than 20 years in the Raleigh/Durham TV market, the versatile and irrepressible Paul Montgomery entertained the kids at home (and quite a few of their moms) five days a week with "Time For Uncle Paul". During the show's final three seasons in the late 1970's, I joined Paul on his totally ad-libbed program, eventually performing five different makeshift puppet characters and drawing cartoons on camera as myself.

What the show lacked in budget, it more than made up for in heart. So much so that more than 20 years after its last broadcast, longtime residents can still tell you about the Morning March...and maybe even a cool hipster puppet named Zoot. The show was never archived by the station, and my old Betamax tapes are just about the only part of Paul's TV legacy which survives. They form the basis of this mash-up of two features done by local stations long after Uncle Paul hung up his top hat for the last time.

Legally blind, but a terrific jazz musician, lightning-fast wit, and possessing a terrific memory, Paul Montgomery instantly became my friend, mentor,lunch buddy, and made me a part of his own family...on camera and off. Though the leisurely pace of our show would never make it today, you can see how much fun we had, making it all up as we went along.