RG Video Demo

A lot of Voice Actors need to be Heard and not Seen. I'm lucky. I get to play it both ways.

A good Voice Actor first needs to be an Actor. In addition to live events, years of theatre, commercials and corporate videos, I've become everything from a Brand X Salesman to a CEO...a Folksy Professor to a Crazy Hunchback of Notary Public... Dads and Grandpas...Attorneys and Detectives...Bumblers and Blowhards...Wrong-Way Employees and Wise Managers...Doctors and Patients. (I've even convincingly mimicked a stroke victim and modeled my own body bag!)

I'm told I play well with others.
The Teleprompter is my friend.

And physical comedy is not a problem
(except for my insurance agent)..

Video Demos
voiceover for video
animation voices
Voiceover for Video Demo 
Voiceover for Animation Demo - 3:06
puppet work
Kelly's Story
Puppetry & Talking Toy Demo
"Kelly's Story" Segment
(scene from tv drama)

Uncle Paul
RG on "Time For Uncle Paul"
(local kiddie show)